The BUTTES Homeowners Association

Total Property Management Services, Inc.


7220 Pacific Hwy E
Milton, WA 98354

Phone: (253) 265-4009
Direct Line: (253) 265 – 4012

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Please open the front gate with your code or your remote. #then the 4 digit code. If you have guests have them call from the kiosk this should ring the number the homeowner has selected once you answer press the number 9 this will open the gate. If your code or remote is not working first check the battery in the remote then contact Total Property Management: 253-265-4009

Please do not “follow” someone through the gate… The HOA will not be responsible for damage caused by more than one vehicle accessing the gate at one time.


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Buttes RV Park

If you are interested in volunteering to help your community in any capacity, Or if you have Questions/Comments/suggestions please let us know via .