The Buttes Community News 

**New Homeowner Rental Policy in effect**
(Call TPM for more information)

Accidents on the Hill if you witness an accident anywhere in the Buttes please report it.
**These accidents cost us all when people don’t report them**

Parking continues to be a problem in our community. Please refer to the parking policy in the CCR’s.
Parking Policy

Anytime that you hear any activity such as chainsaws or chippers which sounds like it is coming from the trail areas, and when there is no notice posted on this website, it is probably NOT an authorized activity and we would appreciate an immediate phone call to the management company


Use of Common areas for private parties is not allowed.

And Fires of any kind in Common areas is Strictly Prohibited

Due to recent Bear/Coyote sightings:  PLEASE be on heightened alert and if you see any hazardous wildlife around the neighborhood Call Pierce County Animal Control (253)798-7383 immediately.

Please Don’t feed the wildlife!

This last year has seen an abundance of deer roaming around in resident’s yards in the HOA.  The destruction they cause is very costly to home owners’ yards. Some residents have been observed feeding the deer by hand and also putting out salt licks and grain, this action is counterproductive to the eco balance of our community. The Washington State Game Department discourages the feeding of any wildlife. Please help us all out and refrain from feeding the deer.

Streetlight Problems:

To Report a Streetlight Outage click here:

If you notice a street light that is not operating properly, and it is not due to an emergency circumstance (i.e. flooding, downed power line, earthquake, etc.), please use the form below to report the problem. Our team of Customer Care Agents will respond to your email in the order received, Monday through Friday. Unexpected high volumes may result in a delayed response.

Animal Control Issues Please Contact:

Pierce County Animal Control



 The Buttes recently have been the target of Mail Thefts. Because of this the HOA Board of Directors have adopted new rules on Locking mail boxes. 

  Due to notification that we have received from the school district and emergency services, cars can not be left unattended and blocking Buttes Drive. Unattended cars will be towed immediately at the Owners expense.